A misanthrope reading a work of history is a contented man.

One could almost wish the religious to be right, since a just God will surely punish those who take such odious pride in their faith.

Female madness is so much more terrifying than male, to men (and perhaps to women?). Why?

If the world seems empty after the satisfaction of your sexual desires, and post coitum omne animal triste,  then you may reasonably infer what it is you see in the environment when at other times it seems overflowing with fascinating objects and experiences.

Writing is talking in front of a mirror.

To be vain an animal must remember a thousand faces with which to compare its own. My memory is failing, but my hopes of being virtuous grow.

The city is the most perfect symbol of human narcissism, for shop front reflects shop front. For what other purpose do we go to the city, except to to admire ourselves in its huge reflecting expanses.

Everyone should be made to read a little philosophy at school and university. It would be a shame for anyone to go through life in awe of such a thing.

What women admire in men, men hate. Or is it that they hate men who have these qualities?

Trahisons des clercs is so easy to understand if you have lived amongst clercs.

The strongest indictment of the New Criticis, that they were evaluating each other not the poems, has never been made by their rivals and enemies. Perhaps those opponents fear that this argument is a little too powerful, gtiven the narrow dimensions of the battlefied.