Stephen Belltree

Well, it could be worse,
There are reasons to be thankful;
And our duties of course, those hang,
How does Cowper put it?, 'on us', if it was Cowper.
What do you think of him? I’ve always rather liked his poems,
There’s something very attractive about him. Hard to say what.
Have you read that new book by, by, Peter Bu Ba, Bath? No, I haven’t either,
But I’ve got it here somewhere; it’s on my list.
I’ve so many things to do this year, though
And my history to write, of course.
Well, it’s part of the job.
I never imagined, I come from the hills and there’s lots there,
When I was a little boy playing in the snow, that I’d end up here,
Making my living in the city; no I never thought that would happen.
No, I never could have imagined that, not in a dream, a nightmare,

Lois Sedgepool

It’s a tricky situation, but I rather enjoy it;
Like working in a mental hospital,
There’s always the reassuring feeling that,
Whatever, there’s some space left between you and the worst.

I mean, there was a little gap the last time I looked,

But recently, you know, I’ve been feeling that it's

I’ve written some more poems, by the way,
Seven hundred since last Tuesday in fact, but they’re only limericks,
So, they don’t count do they?
I’m going to advertise myself as strippalimagram, what do you think?
It’s the body I’m not sure about,
Quite a problem.
And my mother, of course, she won’t approve.
Is that really your advice?

I see.