The difference between the higher and lower social levels, and the explanation of the confused states of the grades between, is this: at the lower levels people are obsessed by a generalised vanity, of class, species, town, or whatever; and the further you progress up the social tree the more individualised the vanity becomes. This is one reason that the lower ranks are obsessed with morality, and the upper with genius. – And both with breaches of their absolutes.

Once these generalities are observed, it is important to add that the situation is complicated for the observer by the way in which economic stratifications run at ninety degrees to those which I have already mentioned. These financial considerations are largely the result of historical accident; or to put it another way, not enough time has passed since the beginning of the game to make its results an accurate guide to the processing power and general capability of the individuals concerned. – Many more dice throws are needed Now, this processing power is one of the most remarkable means of distinguishing between human individuals, but it is not the only one. However, it provides a reliable guide to human character in spite of the other forces involved, and also in spite of the differences established by the roulette of wealth allocation. The higher orders are individualistic and the lower social. But this is unimportant unless you see that both are forms of self-admiration, each merely taking a different route.