In the wake of today's announcements on the Referendum on European Union membership, the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, the Rt Hon Michael Gove, MP, writes:

We are the world’s fifth largest economy, with the best armed forces of any nation, more Nobel Prizes than any European country and more world-leading universities than any European country. Our economy is more dynamic than the Eurozone, we have the most attractive capital city on the globe, the greatest “soft power” and global influence of any state and a leadership role in NATO and the UN. Are we really too small, too weak and too powerless to make a success of self-rule? On the contrary, the reason the EU’s bureaucrats oppose us leaving is they fear that our success outside will only underline the scale of their failure.

Exactly. He could have added that the only way to have any influence in Europe is to leave, and give courage to the others to step out from under the German shadow.